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Two Women stand in front of an IRLC display table

Water Quality Research the focus of Recent Conferences

Save the River Conference: Connecting and Learning Over the weekend, Heidi and Anna, IRLC staff, had the privilege of attending the Save the River Winter…

Two kids in front of the Redwood Hill Preserve lit up with Christmas lights
Katie Syring

Bringing joy to our community: a festive evening of lights

Magical Moments Under the Twinkling Lights In the heart of Redwood, families and friends gathered for a magical Christmas tree lighting event, where the vibrant…

family wearing snowshoes on a trail
Erin Ermine

Embracing Nature Near Home

Nature’s Impact on Mental Health Research affiliated with Harvard University reveals a profound link between time spent in nature and mental health. Getting outdoors means…


2019 Strategic Plan & Guiding Principles

This Plan is a roadmap designed to propel our mission forward. This document outlines our goals, priorities, and the collective effort needed to preserve the unique landscapes, clean waters, and biological resources of the Indian River Watershed for generations to come. Discover how we're shaping a brighter future for the North Country.