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Jacob Sell Hicks / Janet Gee
Sunset on a local lake
April 11, 2024
Water Quality takes center stage

We are delighted to announce an upcoming presentation at the Water Quality Conference on June 7th, 2024 by St. Lawrence University professor, Brad Baldwin. Professor Baldwin will share insights from his research on eutrophication in Black Lake.

Eutrophication, the excessive enrichment of water with nutrients, poses a significant threat to aquatic ecosystems worldwide. Professor Baldwin’s research sheds light on the specific challenges faced by Black Lake and discusses ways to mitigate this environmental threat in the Indian River Lakes watershed.


New research on the Indian River also targets invasive plant removal

In addition to presenting his findings, Professor Baldwin will be launching a project to study nutrients along the Indian River and Indian River Lakes. This comprehensive endeavor aims to deepen our understanding of water quality dynamics in our region.

As part of this initiative, Professor Baldwin will train volunteers to remove water chestnut where it might exist in the Indian River Lakes, preventing it from becoming a problem similar to the situation observed on the Oswegatchie River. There is an urgent need to prevent the spread of this invasive plant into the streams and lakes of the Indian River watershed, and Professor Baldwin’s initiative seeks to address this pressing concern.


Get involved!

To support this endeavor, Professor Baldwin will be seeking volunteers to assist with sample collection, data analysis, and water chestnut removal.

Professor Baldwin’s dedication to advancing our understanding of water quality issues is commendable, and we are honored to have him share his expertise at the Water Quality Conference. You can learn more and get involved on Friday, June 7th!

The conference will be held at the Redwood Hill Preserve and lunch is included. Details and tickets can be found here. Join us in supporting efforts to safeguard our region’s water resources.

Thank you to the Jefferson County Soil & Water District, Lafave, White, and McGivern Land Surveyors, and Corner Market for signing on as business partners for this event!