Project WHIRL

Project WHIRL was created in 2019 to bring together environmentalists of different ages and experience to learn from one another and to grow a community of people principled around protecting water quality, especially within the Indian River Lakes Watershed.

The main tenets of Project WHIRL:

Experiential Learning: Project WHIRLers can expect to engage in activities such as water sampling and searching for aquatic invasive species. Students will get a chance to visit Paul Smith’s College, and they will participate in WHIRL’s Community Outreach Day.

Collaborative: Many partners have come together to provide expertise for this project. Water quality is a complex topic, and it affects us all.

Impactful: This project reaches beyond research and into action. WHIRLers will get a chance to actually implement water management techniques.

Unique: Explore, ask questions, discover like you’re a kid again. This isn’t your everyday classroom.