Land Conservation

Protecting land for the future

The Indian River Lakes Region is well known for its stunning lakes and unique geology. Situated on the Frontenac Arch, this landscape plays a key role in geological history and serves as part of a key North American wildlife migration corridor.

At IRLC, we know this area is irreplaceable. We strive to protect land and water for people, for wildlife, forever.

Advocating for water quality

Land protection is an important part of water quality protection. When we protect land, we are safeguarding buffer zones and investing in the future of water quality processes for generations to come.

youth holding the pike fish they caught
Tom Hughes

“I didn't want photographs to be all that was left of this beautiful, wild property. That thought is just heartbreaking It's why we reached out to the Indian River Lake Conservancy. I wanted others to be able to experience the magic of Red Lake the way my husband and I did for so many years.”

— Marilyn Neulieb, former Red Lake Preserve property owner

Fun Fact

The Indian River Lakes Conservancy (IRLC) celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2023! Starting with protecting 27 acres in 1998, IRLC has grown to protect and manage 2,732 acres in the Indian River Lakes region.