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“Protecting the lakes is something we take seriously because it is not just about us, it's about our children, the wildlife, and our shared future.

"You can be an agent for change too. If you show up to one of our programs, attend a fundraiser, become a donor or volunteer, gift land or stock, or even remember the Indian River Lakes Conservancy in your legacy planning; you are passing your own story on to those who come after us, hopefully to a North Country that is as special as it is today, with spaces that are Forever Wild, because we had the courage to make a difference.”

— Lynn Brown, Board Chair

Photos by Kara Dry Photography LLC.

Fun Fact

Shoreline vegetation not only improves water quality, but it also provides important habitat for fish and wildlife.

Fish rely on fallen logs and branches for shelter, and turtles use them to sunbathe. Plants supply nesting places for birds, as well as food for numerous critters including insects, waterfowl and aquatic mammals.