Mike Lovegreen


Mike Lovegreen

Board Member

Mike grew up in an urban area, and he always seemed to find those “green areas” to explore, fish, chase frogs and turtles, observe rabbits and other small critters, and simply enjoy nature. Many summers were spent at his grandmother’s country home in the Catskills, near the Delaware River. Mike never lost his love of living in natural, untouched places.

Mike’s passion for nature matured into a lifetime career studying and working as a natural resource manager helping individuals, communities and entire regions manage natural resources.

Mike was seeking an ideal region balanced in rich, natural resources and beauty with a warm, friendly community. After a few years of research and travel across the country, he stumbled upon the Indian River Lakes Region. A region untouched and relatively undiscovered. Mike and his family immediately set up camp. Thirty-five years later, they enjoy a beautiful home overlooking Clear Lake, where they’re looking forward to spending remaining years watching the sun set over the lake.

Mike’s experiences with lakes and watershed management have drilled home the lesson that good planning and management is always less costly than damage control. And so, this belief has led Mike to the Indian River Lakes Conservancy, where folks with similar values and honorable intent are working to keep the natural values of the region around where future generations can discover it for themselves.

Wylie Huffman
Fun Fact

The Indian River Lakes preserves are located within a critical region of the Algonquin to Adirondacks (A2A) wildlife corridor. Indian River Lakes Conservancy protected lands benefit both the local environment and the larger continental system of wildlife movement, range requirements, and safeguarded habitat.