Michael Kimber


Michael Kimber

Board Member

Mike grew up in Weedsport, New York, a small, rural town in Central, New York.  He attended Syracuse University and enjoyed a career of more than 30 years in the wine and spirit industry spending most of his time as a sales manager based in Syracuse, New York.

Early on Mike recognized his passion for the outdoors and wildlife.  In particular, both he and his wife have an affinity for birds!

Mike and Sherri have a son, Willem, who is currently a student at Penn State.  Mike became familiar with the Indian Lakes Region in the mid-1990's assisting a work associate build a camp on Hickory Lake.  In 2016, Mike and Sherri purchased waterfront property on Payne Lake and built their dream lake house. In 2020, they moved to Payne Lake, full-time.  As one of the first, full-time residents on Payne Lake, they look forward to building a strong lake community with new neighbors.

Both Mike and Sherri became interested in doing more to help Indian River Lakes Conservancy (IRLC) because they both feel strongly about protecting our lakes now and forever. Mike and Sherri enjoy the IRLC community as like-minded individuals who share a love of nature and a passion to protect our natural resources for future generations!

Fun Fact

Common Loons are some of the most iconic Indian River Lakes residents. Unlike most bird species, loons have solid bones. This makes them less buoyant and more effective at maneuvering through water.