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Jacob Sell Hicks / Janet Gee
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February 1, 2024
Water Quality Research the focus of Recent Conferences

Save the River Conference: Connecting and Learning

Over the weekend, Heidi and Anna, IRLC staff, had the privilege of attending the Save the River Winter Conference at the scenic Harbor Hotel in Clayton, New York. Amidst the stunning backdrop of the St. Lawrence River, they engaged with various organizations dedicated to preserving our waterways. One notable interaction was discussing upcoming projects with SLELO PRISM, champions in combatting invasive species, a shared concern in safeguarding our pristine environments. Additionally, insights from Clarkson professors shed light on innovative toxin measurement methods, crucial for understanding and addressing water quality challenges.

Finger Lakes Institute Conference: Insights into Conservation Frontiers

In addition, they attended the Finger Lakes Institute Conference, where they delved into the intricate world of microplastics and their impact on our lakes. From enlightening presentations on the diverse leaching patterns of microplastics to discussions on ecological disruptions, it became evident how imperative it is to grasp the nuances of these threats. Keynote speaker John Halfman’s talk underscored the significance of long-term water quality monitoring, revealing invaluable insights into temperature trends and harmful algal blooms, essential for informed conservation strategies.

Networking for Impact: Building Partnerships and Advocating for Change

Both conferences provided invaluable networking opportunities, fostering connections with fellow conservationists and experts. By sharing our expertise, IRLC not only showcased our commitment but also learned from others’ successes and challenges. Our presence at these events reinforces our advocacy for policies and practices that prioritize land and water conservation, empowering us to make a tangible difference in safeguarding our lakes.

Looking Ahead: Amplifying Our Conservation Efforts Together

As Anna and Heidi reflect on their participation in these conferences, Heidi noted, “We are energized and inspired to amplify our conservation efforts. With newfound knowledge and strengthened partnerships, we are poised to tackle emerging challenges and champion initiatives that uphold our mission of preserving the beauty and integrity of our land and water resources.” Together, let’s continue our journey towards a sustainable future for generations to come.