Grand Lake Reserve

The Grand Lake Reserve presents a spectacular landscape, rich with biological diversity, rugged geography and beautiful scenery.  Located between Grass and Butterfield Lakes, and including more than 5 miles of shoreline, The Grand Lake Reserve offers a model of how conserved lands can provide public access for recreation and educational benefit while still preserving a unique and valuable natural resource.

The Granglr-2d Lake Reserve was created in 2003 through a generous gift of more than 800 acres from Henry Carse, a pioneering environmentalist and civic leader, and his family.  Since then, additional acquisitions have expanded the reserve to over 1,000 acres.

The trails at Grand Lake Reserve are open dawn to dusk all year long.  Please be aware that, although the county does plow the road, during periods of heavy snow fall it may not be a top priority due to the official seasonal road designation.

No matter which trail you choose, there is something for everyone at Grand Lake Reserve.

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