Indian River Lakes & Partner Lake Associations

The Indian River Lakes Conservancy is committed to safeguarding the pristine beauty and ecological health of our beloved lakes. As caretakers of these natural treasures, we deeply value our partnership with local lake associations.

Together, we work to preserve water quality through proactive land conservation. We seek to nurture a community that appreciates and protects the fragile balance of our aquatic ecosystems.

While each lake holds its unique charm, many share common challenges. Together with our partner lake associations, we advocate for responsible boating practices such as thorough vessel cleaning, draining, and drying, and we pave the way for a sustainable future where our lakes thrive for generations to come.

Lakes in our watershed

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Prevent the Spread

Friendly instructions to encourage people to use these guidelines to clean their watercraft, trailer, and gear. Thank you for helping stop the spread of aquatic invasive species.

Upcoming Lake Events

Indian River Lakes & Partner Lake Associations

Two Kayakers At Sunset
Heidi Strates Photography

Butterfield Lake

Town of Redwood
DEC launch
10 hp
fall trees reflecting in lake
Mary Weagraff

Clear Lake

Town of Theresa
Misty Lake

Hyde Lake

Town of Macomb
blue and purple glow silhouetting a small island of trees
Carolyn Munich

Moon Lake

Town of Theresa

Become a Lake Guardian

Lake Guardians are defenders, protectors, and keepers of our lakes!

Monthly giving helps save our organization time and money on expensive retention mailings and packs a punch! It allows IRLC to have some financial security and consistency when it comes to individual contributions.