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Jacob Sell Hicks / Janet Gee
young girl with butterfly wings
November 5, 2023
Enchanted evening at Redwood Hill Preserve

A magical fairy walk for all ages

Redwood Hill Preserve recently transformed into an enchanting world of fairy magic, where children and nature enthusiasts of all ages embarked on a whimsical adventure during the much-anticipated Fairy Walk event.

Amidst the White Pines and Oaks, and beneath the night sky, children and dedicated education volunteers joined forces to create a magical atmosphere. They meticulously crafted intricate fairy houses and adorned the trail with fairy lights, ensuring that every step along the path was filled with wonder and delight.

Nature is Magical

Participants arrived adorned in their finest fairy wings, ready to step into a world where imagination knew no bounds. A captivating fairy story set the stage for the magical journey that awaited. With rapt attention, participants listened to the story, letting their imaginations run wild.

Guided by the soft glow of fairy lights, participants embarked on a quest to discover the hidden little magical palaces along the trail. The excitement and anticipation were palpable as children and adults alike ventured further into the preserve, eager to catch a glimpse of these enchanting abodes.

As the evening continued, participants gathered to create their very own fairy wands, a hands-on activity that further fueled their creativity and connection to the enchanting world around them. What’s an outdoor adventure without some delicious treats? Fairy popcorn was offered as a delightful snack to refuel the fairy walkers.

Fairy Houses appear trailside

IRLC’s Commitment

This enchanting event served as a demonstration of the Indian River Lakes Conservancy’s commitment to fostering a deep connection between children and the natural world. It provided an opportunity for families to come together, celebrating the magic of nature and the power of imagination.

Time outdoors is time well spent

The Fairy Walk at Redwood Hill Preserve served as a reminder of the importance of spending time in the great outdoors, sparking the curiosity and wonder of our youngest generation. It’s an experience that will surely be cherished in the memories of all who attended, proving that the magic of nature can captivate hearts of all ages.

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