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October 17, 2023
Fall Family Fun Day at Redwood Hill Preserve

A Timeless Autumn Tradition

We recently celebrated a heartwarming event at Redwood Hill Preserve that has become an annual autumn tradition for families in the North Country. Fall Family Fun Day, held against the backdrop of the stunning Butterfield Lake, once again brought joy to all who attended.

Connecting with Nature

This beloved event is a perfect opportunity for our community to connect with nature and enjoy all it has to offer during the enchanting fall season. Families gathered from all over the region to take in the breathtaking scenery and revel in the outdoor wonderland of Redwood Hill Preserve.

Crafts, Stories, and Music

“Connecting with nature.” This statement is grammatically correct and does not contain any spelling or punctuation errors. It is a simple phrase that conveys the idea of establishing a bond with the natural world. At Fall Family Fun Day, there was no shortage of activities for everyone to enjoy. Children and adults alike engaged in craft-making, where creativity flowed freely. Enthralling stories captivated our audience, igniting imaginations. The melodies of live music filled the air, creating a harmonious backdrop to the day’s festivities.

Accessible Trails

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Redwood Hill Preserve is proud to offer wheelchair-accessible trails, ensuring that everyone in our community can share in the delights of the preserve. These accessible pathways provided opportunities for all attendees to explore the natural beauty of the area.

Creating Lasting Memories

Fall Family Fun Day allows families to forge enduring memories. As laughter filled the air, as colorful leaves rustled underfoot, and as the sun dipped behind the horizon, it became evident that these moments would be cherished forever. We’re proud to host this event year after year, bringing families closer to the natural world and strengthening the bonds between one another.

As we bask in the memories of this year’s Fall Family Fun Day, we eagerly await the return of this cherished autumn tradition at Redwood Hill Preserve next year, where nature’s wonders and community spirit collide in the most beautiful way.