Red Lake Shoreline Conservation Project

Marilyn and Robert “took the leap” of what will now, unbeknownst to them at the time, become a new conservation area…and purchased the property in 1979. Marilyn noted, “It was a leap most young couples who like their creature comforts, would not take.” They bought 300 acres of wilderness without public utilities, water, or amenities and raised their family undisturbed and off-grid.

When Robert passed, Marilyn knew that she had to honor her husband’s legacy and love for the lakes. Others recognized how important land and conservation was to Robert, as donations to the IRLC in his honor came from people his life had touched along the way.

As the raw grief began to subside, Marilyn began to envision an even bolder way to honor his legacy. She reached out to see if it would be possible to collaborate with the IRLC on preserving their land forever.

Now, thanks to Marilyn’s vision and commitment, we are working to make Robert’s legacy an everlasting gift to the North Country. Together, we will be working to make this a new public neighborhood conservation area.

Creating a public preserve at Red Lake would mean eliminating the threat of development in favor of saving a “forever” spot where future lake lovers can canoe, enjoy a shore lunch, or take a walk in the woods like Marilyn and Robert did for 40 years.

Join us in actualizing this project

If you’re interested in helping to make this project a reality, please donate through our website. You can contribute gifts of stock, contributions from your IRA, or give a gift through the mail or our online donation form.