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Jacob Sell Hicks / Janet Gee
Loon sitting on nest moving egg
February 5, 2023
Get involved – help save loons with the IRLC

#1 View loons from a distance. One-hundred-foot binoculars are great for watching these beautiful birds without disturbing them. A stressed loon can abandon a nest if they feel entrapped.

#2 Educate visitors about loon presence and advocate for buoys as signifiers of loon nest presence so people know to avoid those areas of the lake.

#3 Have your septic checked for leaks. Dangerous chemicals and bacteria can leak from old or failing septics and affect water quality and the health of loon populations.

#4 Replace your lead tackle and use non-lead ammunition. Both options are more environmentally friendly options.

#5 Support loon conservation with a monthly donation. IRLC monthly donors are called “Lake Guardians” because they are enabling the protection of habitat for wildlife today and into the future. Thank you for showing up for our threatened loons who need us now more than ever.