Anna Hardiman


Anna Hardiman

Community Outreach & Engagement Coordinator

Anna grew up in Potsdam, New York, where she was deeply drawn to the natural world at a young age. Her fascination with ecology and wildlife was coupled with a curiosity and spirit of adventure to learn more and explore this beautiful planet.

She is happiest near water, preferably being in it swimming or paddling. Growing up with a grandfather who was an aquatic biologist, and access to wonderful freshwater lakes and streams, impressed upon her the importance of water appreciation and conservation. Her love of nature and water has guided her personally, academically, and professionally her whole life.

While Anna has had the opportunity to live and explore many places over the years, including coastal Maine, central Wyoming, the highlands of Tanzania, and the varied ecosystems of New Zealand, Northern New York will always be the place that holds most of her heart.

Anna’s academic background includes two bachelor’s degrees in environmental biology and global studies from Houghton University. She also earned a master’s of science degree from Paul Smith’s College in natural resources conservation. Her professional background includes a combination of aquatic fieldwork, invasive species management, environmental education, and parks and recreation work.

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Fun Fact

Land protection directly supports watershed health! Conserving land helps to reduce erosion and runoff, reduces pollutant export through filtering, preserves natural flow patterns, and minimizes flooding.