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Jacob Sell Hicks / Janet Gee
family wearing snowshoes on a trail
Erin Ermine
December 5, 2023
Nature Near Home

Nature’s Impact on Mental Health

Research affiliated with Harvard University reveals a profound link between time spent in nature and mental health. Getting outdoors means lower levels of depression and stress. The emerging field of eco-therapy is finding that immersing oneself in nature for even ten minutes a day can have positive effects on the brain and human relationships.

The Healing Symphony of Nature Sounds

Beyond the visual feast that nature provides, the auditory experience plays a crucial role in promoting wellness. The calming symphony of water flowing or the gentle whisper of the wind can act as a natural stress-reliever. It’s a sensory journey that not only relaxes the mind but also contributes to an overall sense of tranquility and balance. Next time you go for a walk, try stopping to listen for flowing water, crackling trees, or even silence and see how it affects you.

The Indian River Lakes Conservancy’s Nature Preserves: A Haven for Well-Being

To truly embrace the benefits of nature, having safe and accessible walking spots is key. Indian River Lakes Preserves offer an ideal sanctuary for those seeking both mental and physical health. You can easily incorporate the rejuvenating power of nature into your daily life. Step into a haven of serenity, explore the trails and discover the profound impact that nature, right at your doorstep, can have on your well-being.

Join us for a walk at Redwood Hill Preserve, fellowship, and hot cocoa this winter.

*You can always check in with our office (315-482-4757) for updated info on trail conditions this winter.