Watershed Steward

The Watershed Steward of the Indian River Lakes Conservancy (IRLC) is a 40 hour per week position from June 29th – August 14th that will support IRLC summer programming with a focus on Project WHIRL (Protectors of Water and Habitat in the Indian River Lakes). The Watershed Steward will directly support the IRLC Watershed Coordinator, and his/her primary role will be to serve as mentor and educator for high school participants in Project WHIRL.

The Watershed Steward will additionally support the implementation of New York State’s St. Lawrence River Watershed Revitalization Plan (SLWRP). Through this effort, the Watershed Steward under the direction of the Watershed Coordinator will work with Indian River Lake associations, volunteer land stewardship teams, and high school age students in Project WHIRL to improve our water quality and habitat within the Indian River watershed – a major
supporting watershed to the St. Lawrence River in northern New York.

Full Job Description