Erin Ermine

Erin Ermine became our Community Outreach Coordinator in July 2022.

From the time she could speak, Erin’s passions have been for wildlife and ecological systems, in any natural environment. Over time, these interests evolved into a desire to help bridge a gap between scientific understanding and the human-nature relationship.

Erin grew up in California’s varied ecosystems, and then spent most of her 20’s in the Southern United States’ semi-tropics. Since January 2019, she has lived in Northern New York and loved every season of it—yes, even the deep snowfall.

Erin’s academic background is a combination of two bachelor’s degrees, one in English literature from Arizona State University, and the other in environmental science from American Military University, and a master’s of science degree from the University of Connecticut, in energy and environmental management. Professionally, she has been involved in wildlife management research projects focused on wildlife disease ecology and arrived at IRLC with 3 years of experience as a county-level municipal planner in the State of New York.