Trail Status

Grand Lake Reserve
As of January 11, 2018: Parking Lot 1 was plowed, but not Parking Lot 2. *No further trail status update*

Redwood Hill Preserve
As of January 15, 2018: There is about 6-8″ of snow on the trails, snowshoes are not required. Be careful as there are patches of ice and standing water from last week’s warm-up and rain. The parking lot is open and plowed frequently. Use caution near the Butterfield Lake Overlook as the snow coverage has made it difficult to determine where the drop off begins.

Baker Woods Preserve
As of January 2, 2018: These are not machine groomed trails, but they are skied daily. Skiers will enjoy our conditions most with a relatively wide, no wax cross country ski with a metal edge. We almost always choose this type of ski for adventures in the ADKs, the BWP and other trails that are groomed by people power.
Norm’s Path and Woodcutter Loop are easy and mostly flat with a few gentle slopes.
Hemlock Hill is intermediate with steep spots that skiers can side step, if necessary.
Scraggy Spruce and Beaversprite Loop are not suitable for skiing or snowshoeing.