The Indian River and the 18 lakes in its watershed occupy an extraordinary landscape of rocky, wooded uplands and teeming wetlands, lakes, and waters. Sitting astride the rugged, geologic backbone of the Frontenac Arch connecting the Adirondacks to Algonquin Park in Canada, the Indian River Lakes and neighboring Thousand Islands share a vital confluence of pathways for migratory birds and one of the most diverse habitats for wildlife in the northeast. The Indian River Lakes Conservancy was created in 1998 to preserve, protect, and encourage the sustainable management of these uniquely valuable water, land and biological resources for the benefit and enrichment of future generations. This remains our  abiding purpose and commitment.

In the eighteen years since its founding, the Indian River Lakes Conservancy has been actively engaged in an array of important conservation initiatives. IRLC now stewards more than 2,200 acres of important wildlife habitat, crucial wetlands and pristine shoreline and more than 8 miles of woodland trails open to the public year-round.

Explore the unique Indian River Lakes region by getting out onto one of our preserves!

Grand Lake Reserve

Redwood Hill Preserve

Baker Woods Preserve