Denise Robertson

Denise became involved with IRLC at the very first meeting when a group of lake and local people gathered around a kitchen table to discuss the opportunity of beginning a land trust in the Indian River Lakes area. From the IRLC’s inception she served in a critical position as Administrator of office operations, processes and procedures. This was a natural step for her as she approached retirement from her role of Chief Financial Officer of a specialized interior construction company. Her experience with the daily operations of a closely held company was excellent preparation for the critical volunteer administrative role she held with the IRLC. In 2013 Denise was elected to the Board and continued to manage the organization’s administrative functions while also serving as the Co-Chair of the finance/administration team.

Denise first came to Butterfield Lake 1966 when her family purchased a summer camp on the lake. She and her husband Ed purchased our own family camp in 1981. Since their retirements in 2002, they spent their summers enjoying the fresh air, wildlife and scenic beauty that originally attracted them to the Indian River Lakes. Denise feels it is critically important that we protect and nurture this unique place we call home for future generations.

For a number of years Denise and Ed spent all summer plus much of the spring and fall at Butterfield Lake while spending most of the winter in Satsuma, Florida. In 2013 they built a year-round home in Theresa, NY on a 373-acre grass farm where they spend much of the year. However, the opportunity to enjoy more time with their two children (Andy and Emily) and their two grandchildren still pulls them south for part of the winter.

We cannot thank Denise enough for her 18 years of leadership, innovation, and incredible energy that she displayed across an extremely wide array of our programs and activities. The Indian River Lakes Conservancy would not be where we are today without her.