Winter Wonderland Hike

On January 20th, 14 excited hikers set out on Redwood Hill Preserve trails for the annual Winter Wonderland Hike. Fortunately, the weather was pleasant; however, the warm temperatures melted the snow and snowshoes were not needed.

Hikers were greeted by Indian River Lakes Conservancy’s executive director, Wylie Huffman, as well has Kim Cullen, a naturalist from Wellesley Island State Park’s Minna Anthony Common Nature Center. Kim led the hike, stopping at points of interest and providing further explanations about the plant and wildlife on Redwood Hill. Kim pointed out deer and porcupine tracks, a
common sight on the trails here in Redwood. She also explained plant identifiers. For example, white pines have needles in clusters of five (it’s easy to remember since “white” has five letters!).

After a one-hour guided hike, hikers sat around a campfire near the trail-side classroom.
They enjoyed hot cocoa and good conversation.

IRLC appreciates the support from the community and its members.

IRLC’s next event is in partnership with the Depauville Free Library on January 27th at noon. Steve and Vici Diehl will present, “Growing Your Grandmother’s Garden.” Please visit the IRLC website for the flyer and a full list of winter series topics.





More photos from the winter hike: